Studio Fees

  There will be a one-time sign-up fee of $20 

1 Class--- $32

2 Classes-- $58

3 Classes-- $85 

Payments will be due the 1st of every month and an additional $5 late fee will be charged for payments made after the 10th of the month. The $5 late fee may be assessed if payment is over ten days past the 10th of the month.  Payments can be made in Cash or Checks please make sure the payment is marked with your child’s name. Prices are subject to change. 

There will be a $20.00 service charge for all returned checks. There are absolutely no refunds. Statements will be sent out if you have a payment past due. If you are gone longer than two months you will be considered dropped and to rejoin it will be a $60 resign-up fee. If you know you will be gone for an extended period of time, notifying the instructor will prevent any fees.   

 If you have 3 children in the studio a $15-dollar discount will be taken off your total monthly cost. 

5% will be taken off the total if you pay a year in advance. If you decide to drop a class no refund will be given, however, you can add classes and still receive 5% off for the remaining of the year. Years will run June-June.  


 Proper dance attire is required. Jeans and school clothes are not appropriate dance attire. 

· Leotards, tights, leggings, yoga pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, athletic shorts are examples of appropriate dance attire. 

· If the practice attire becomes an issue, a dress code will be initiated and families will be required to purchase specific dance attire. 

 · Proper shoes are required. Tan jazz shoes are required for all classes. Tan jazz shoes can be purchased through the studio. Tan jazz shoes may be purchased outside of the studio but please get the correct type of shoe information from the studio before purchasing jazz shoes on your own.

  · Hair must be out of the way during practice for safety purposes.   


  · The studio has the rights to combine or cancel classes in the event of: weather or other emergencies. You will be notified as soon as possible if a class has been canceled or changed as soon as possible via e-mail and Facebook. 

 · If Center Point-Urbana Schools are closed or dismissed early due to weather, the studio will also be closed.   


Outside of the recital/performance costume, there will be no additional costumes unless your child decides they would like to do competition. Costumes will need to be purchased and those prices will vary, but you will be informed ASAP what those costs will be. (Ex: One jazz costume per competition season and one hip hop uniform during competition season.)  If additional purchases are necessary, I will do my best to notify you as soon as we know. 

Number of girls able to compete is not limited but tryouts will determine where the cut off is. Competition is more of an investment and costumes will need to be purchased. 


Potty-Trained 3 year olds and up are more than welcome to join the studio anytime of the year. 

The age groups range 3-5, 6-9,10-14, 15-18. Jazz and Hip-Hop will be offered for all ages!

Classes may be combined based on numbers and age gaps*

Attendance Policy

 · If a student misses class or doesn’t come without warning, the studio has the right to give warnings and pull from performances and recital. It is unfair to the class to have a student consistently absent or tardy. 

· Be respectful of your classmates and be on time to practice. Try to arrive 5-10 minutes early so class can start on time. Ready to start includes shoes on and dressed appropriately ready to go.