How much are classes and when are payments due?

There will be a one-time sign-up fee of $20 

1 Class/month--- $32 

2 Classes/month-- $58

3 Classes/month-- $85

Payments will be due the first of every month and an additional $10 late fee will be charged for payments made after the tenth of the month. Payments can be made in Cash or Checks! Prices are subject to change.   

How long are the sessions?

There are no sessions! We will offer classes year-round, June-June!  

How long and when are class times?

Ages 3-5 Classes will be 45 minutes 

Tuesdays from 5:30-6:15

Ages 6-9 Classes will be 45 minutes 

Tuesdays (Jazz) 6:15-7:00

Thursdays (Hip-Hop) 5:30-6:15

Ages 10-15 Classes will be 1 hour  

Tuesdays (Jazz) 7:00-8:00

Thursdays (Hip Hop) 6:15-7:15

Ages 15-18 Classes will be 1 hour  

Tuesdays (Jazz) 8:00-9:00

Thursdays (Hip Hop) 8:15-9:15

What should my child wear to practice?

I am going to require that the child purchases jazz shoes no matter what class/classes that your child takes. This is for their safety and for advancing purposes. I will also require that they wear practice attire. Clothes that they are able to stretch, dance, and be comfortable in!   

Will my child get to perform in public?

You can plan on public performances! If performance opportunities arise, I would love to take them! These could be last minutes so I will give you as much notice as possible!  

What is your goal for the studio?

  My goal for the studio is to not only teach dance lessons but life lessons as well! I want to increase the dancer’s physical fitness, coordination, and social skills. When the dancers walk through the front door I want them to experience an atmosphere where they can be themselves and gain confidence. My goal is for this to be a well-known studio where the teams are successful and I want the studio to be a place where the dancers look forward to coming each week!